We All Dodged A Bullet


I’m not a God-fearing man.  Actually, I’m more worried about cheesing off the [[FSM]] and landing in a lake of molten Marinara sauce then I am about the possibility of going to Hell.

That being said, I think we should all say a prayer, or a recipe, to our favorite deity for being spared the retribution that surely would have followed if Fox News went forward with its plan to air the interview with OJ Simpson.

Luckily, [[Rupert Murdoch]]  announced today that the interview, and the related book, have been canceled.

Now OJ is 1 for 2 in the courts.  Not guilty of murder but “responsible” for the deaths of Nicole Brown Simpson and Ron Goldman. For years the Juice has searched for the real killers on golf courses all around the world.  Fine – he faded into the background reserved for those characters who are covered with the stink of public condemnation and justice denied.  We all would have been happy if he just went away.  But for him to agree to take part in the TV and book project where he would document how “he would have done it” crossed every line of decency.

Murdoch and his sleazy empire saw visions of $$ and couldn’t care less how repugnant the idea was.  That is until the advertisers and affiliates finally figured out that they were sinking in shit and decided they didn’t like the taste all that much.  Anyone that thinks that Rupert saw the error of his ways must be smoking something really bitchin’; he saw the bottom line and it wasn’t pretty.  Don’t congratulate him or admire him for making a “courageous” decision.

And Mr. Simpson, please do us all a favor and take your pathetic act far, far away.  The best thing you could do for everyone is slink back under your rock and keep very quiet.  Or take that bullet and let us all forget about you.