You Stink – You Sit


An appeals court in Dusseldorf Germany has upheld an earlier ruling that stated that British Airways was within its rights when it removed a man from an aircraft because of his smell.

The man, a corporate lawyer, complained that his body odor was caused by lugging 3 bags through 29 degree Celsius heat followed by sitting in an non air conditioned airport.

American Airlines, who had sub-contracted the flight from BA, countered that their conditions of carriage state that transport may be refused if a passenger “have an offensive odor not caused by disability or illness.”

I, for one, applaud this decision.  The only thing worse than BO when confined on an aircraft is the smell of dirty diapers that some passengers think should be handed to the flight attendant for disposal instead of getting rid of them in the lavatory themselves.  The air is bad enough on modern airplanes as it is.