Bad Christmas Music


OK, [[Black Friday]] has come and gone so the Christmas shopping season is well under way.  Time to start looking at those chestnuts that make seasonal music even worse than it normally would be.

For the young, the [[Flinstones]] were the hip cartoon on TV when I was growing up.  They were reasonably funny and watched by just about everyone.

The premise was that Motown artists like the Supremes and The Jackson 5 (with little Mikey before he got wierd) would have their Christmas music sandwiched between “funny” little bits from the stone age families. Great idea Marv!!  We can make money off the folks in the suburbs and the homeys in the projects.  Crass and completely unnecessary. 

I won’t even begin to get into the who was hotter – Betty or Wilma – debate but I can say, with certainty, that this was a bad idea.  I don’t remember if I’ve ever actually heard this lump of coal but, if I have, I’m very glad that the ravages of time have washed the memory from my mind.

Is it still available?  I don’t know.  Should you buy it if it is?  Yabba Dabba Don’t.

UPDATE:  Believe it or not, the thing still is available at for as little as $0.25.  I’m happy to say that the Canadian Amazon site doesn’t have any.  What really gets me is that the release date is 1999 while the Flinstones went off the air in 1966 which must have been when the last ice age hit.  Marv and the marketing boys waited 33 years to unleash this horror on us?