Bad Christmas Music


 Today’s entry is brought to us by the luckiest man on Earth.  Ringo Starr , Richard Starkey, was the wrong man in the right place when the Beatles landed their first recording contract.  Replacing long time drummer [[Pete Best]], Ringo brought his minimal talent to the studio and became one of the most famous people in the world.

Rather than rest on the laurels of being part of the most successful band in the world, Ringo has continued to labor under the delusion that he is an artist and has released album after album of dreck.

Of course, this meant the former moptop couldn’t let the holiday season pass by without bringing his personal stamp to music that is already plenty bad without his tonedeaf renditions.

Yes, you can still find it at Amazon if you’re really desperate but for some reason it’s now called “Best Of Christmas”.  Perhaps Santa filed a restraining order.