Flight Log


Not much in the way of posting yesterday.  Two reasons, my buddy Mike sems to be laying low and I took a quick trip to Montreal and back to visit our branch there.

Air Canada once again provided the go-go and, all in all, everything went very well.  Flew down on a 767-200 which was packed.  We met the departure time of 0800 and would have arrived a few minutes early except there wasn’t a gate available so we sat out in a holding area for a few minutes. Flight was comfortable and the bran cookie was tasty.

After a full day of meetings, got back to the airport at around 4 and killed some time up in the Air Canada Lounge.  I’m not enough of a Frequent Flyer to get access but you can buy a card that allows it – an expensive option which I use to its full advantage.  Came back on a Airbus A320 with the new entertainment system in the seatbacks.  For a 1 hour flight it’s hard to get a real impression of how good this system is but I wasn’t all that impressed.  Looked like lots of people were having trouble with the touch screen aspect and there was a little bit of a row because one passenger was repeatedly stabbing the screen on the back of a business class seat.  The mucky-muck wasn’t too pleased with all the bouncing and complained to the FA.

Got back to Toronto at 10 to 7 and I was in the local bar in under a half an hour.  Gotta love travelling with carryon baggage only.

That’s it for 2006 travel!