Lunacy Knows No Borders


Just so you don’t think I’m only US bashing when it comes to the war on Christmas trees, my own Canadian province of Ontario is not immune from the asshats who read far too much into the symbology.

Justice Marion Cohen who oversees administration for the Ontario Court of Justice in downtown Toronto, ordered a small artificial Christmas tree, decked out in lights and ornaments, moved to an administrative corridor on Monday. In a letter to staff, she said it is a Christian symbol that might alienate people of other creeds and cultures.

What makes us a little different than the US is that our Premier, Dalton McGuinty immediately stepped up to say that Madame Justice Cohen was wrong.  “I think it represents a misunderstanding of what we are working so hard to build here in Ontario,” McGuinty said today, noting Christian, Jewish, Muslim, Hindu and other faiths’ celebrations are marked at Queen’s Park (our Provinical Legislature).

Hats off Mr. Premier, I don’t care for your politics but I respect you for taking a stand against this stupidity.  Well done Sir!