Christmas Eve 2006


Terra Cotta Conservation Area

It’s far too warm for Christmas Eve but the weatherman says that’s all going to change in the next few days. So, I grabbed the camera and set off for the Terra Cotta Conservation Area. A nice area about 1/2 hour from Brampton that contains the Credit River and the tributaries that run into it.  I ran into this stream just inside the park and decided to play with the DSLR.




Terra Cotta Conservation Area

I was trying for running water so these few pictures are really meant to show this. Using aperature control, I exposed the shot so that exposure time would be longer to give the water a silky flow. The tricky part is getting the exposure just right so the timing is longer but the colors don’t get blown out by the amount of light received.  I shot in RAW mode and made sure that the camera thought it was shooting in bright sunshine.  This is done by metering off a bright area and then locking the exposure before focusing on the darker subject.  This second shot really captures the look I was going for.  The water rushes so quickly that it is blurred by the exposure and appears to be a continuous object.  The color of the ferns was modified just a bit.




Terra Cotta Conservation Area

All in all, I’m happy with the way they turned out. Clicking on any of these will take you to the image on Flickr where they can be downloaded if you want.







One thought on “Christmas Eve 2006

  1. Ken
    Pics look great. Enjoy dropping by your site to see with what you are occupied. Hope you and Jan have a great Christmas. It appears it will be white, one day late.

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