Strange Weather Continues


It’s 8 degrees on January 6 in Toronto.  Ontario’s largest ski facility, Blue Mountain, announced the layoff of over 1300 people due to a lack of snow and unfavorable snow-making conditions.  Trees are starting to blossom.  To top it all off, weather forecasters are saying that we’re not really going to get any winter conditions to speak of this year.

On the other side of the country, Vancouver continues to get hit with wind and cold weather possibly leading to the collapse of the inflated dome roof on BC Place stadium yesterday.  Their forecast for today shows heavy rain coming which will make the repair difficult.

Our long rate outlook suggests that we might actually see some light snow next Thursday but they’ve been way wrong too many times to count this season so we could be swimming instead.  Hell, New York City is looking a 20 degrees today – only 8 below Florida’s expected highs. 

I just confirmed that I’ll be travelling to Zurich on February 3 and they’re looking at double digit temperatures next week as well.  Looks like I’ll have to get up into the Alps to see any snow this year.