How Was Your Day?


Dallas Cowboys quarterback Tony Romo reacts to screwing up what should have been a routine 19 yard field goal to win the game against the Seattle Seahawks yesterday.  Instead, Romo who was a hero in Texas up to that moment, bobbled his attempt to spot the ball for kicker Martin Gramatica allows Seattle to win 21-20.

To his credit, Romo didn’t make any excuses.

“I know how hard everyone in that locker room worked to get themselves in position to win that game today and for it to end like that, and for me to be the cause is very tough to swallow right now,” Romo said. “I take responsibility for messing up at the end there. That’s my fault. I cost the Dallas Cowboys a playoff win, and it’s going to sit with me a long time.”

Gotta feel sorry for the guy.