Sunday Photos


Sunday morning walk over to Chinguacousy Park to shake the cobwebs out before a mini freeze hits us.  Still going to be warmer than normal but it will feel cold for the next few days.  One nice area is the indoor garden.  Always hard to get pictures there because (1) it’s not allowed and (2) the humidity is so high that the camera lens immediately fogs up and I always forget the cloth.  I like the composition of this shot for the green on green through the window in the gate.

This one shows the effect of the foggy lens and there was nothing I could do to clean it up on the computer.  I’ll need to go back in the summer when the humidity differential isn’t so great.  Still like the look of it though.  Parts of the garden are so dense it looks like a jungle through the viewfinder.


Walking back home, I came across this group that, for some reason, reminded me of the Beatles “Abbey Road” cover.  George, Paul, John and Ringo are just walking from one pond to the other where they’ll serenade everyone with their particular brand of music.

Not to be outdone, the mallards set up a little sailpast where they made little motorboard noises with their bills.

Secret Squirrel followed me for a while, just making sure that I didn’t have any treats for him.  He was noisier than the geese as he gave me hell for being such a hardass.

Strangest sight of the day.  No idea why a PETA sticker would be stuck on a fence in the middle of Brampton.  What’s stranger is that I’m not sure what type of animal they don’t want me to eat.  Looks an awful lot like Hello Kitty without the bow and whiskers.

See what I mean?  First off, I don’t eat Japanese cartoon characters of any variety and, as the owner of two cats, felines are definitely not on my list.