Tell Me What I Need To Know – NOW!!!


Just over 6 hours until the next season of ’24’ starts.  I need my Jack Bauer fix real bad.  Seems like years since we last saw him on a slow boat to China after saving the world yet again.

’24’ might be filled with awful stereotypes, ridiculous plot twists and some of the worst computer capability portrayals yet – but it’s good fun and the best thing on TV (especially with Deadwood gone, Rome in it’s last 10 episodes and The Sopranos soon to get whacked.)  The heroics of Bauer and the Counter Terrorism Unit remind us of the old Republic serials on Saturdays at the movies.  Yes, I am old enough to remember some of those.

So tonight I’ll be camped here in my home office.  One eye on the TV and the other on the official 24 thread over at which contains the funniest bunch of Bauer-Nerds on the planet.

I need my fix and I need it NOW!!!

Also, remember what Jack Bauer has learned.