A Volunteer’s Diary


Attended a meeting at the museum last night to discuss display content and layout.

I’ve been at the same “paying” job for over 28 years and I was wondering if I really knew what business life was like outside my cosy experience.  Granted, a volunteer group is hardly indicative of the real world but I was surprised how many similarities there were.

The meeting started late as participants wandered in.  Keeping the focus on the agenda was damm near impossible as side conversations and tangents bloomed from every part of the room.  Cellphones rang and were answered. Obvious longstanding tensions between certain members played out and, based on the responses of some of the players, came no closer to resolution than they ever have. Some people did all the talking, some people listened and others didn’t.  After 2 + hours we adjourned and left wondering if anything had really been accomplished.

The parallels with my real job were unmistakable.  I go through the same process nearly every day.  I’ll take some small comfort that, in the event I lose this gig, I can fit into the general business population without a lot of retraining.

Lancaster Restoration

Quick shot of the Lancaster restoration team hard at work.  The amount of time and dedication these volunteers put in is amazing.  My projects are measured in days, weeks and months.  Their work takes years.