The Magic Continues


Worked over at the Toronto Aerospace Museum yesterday for a few hours.  I’m involved in a project to build freestanding display panels to show exhibits and information all around the museum.

SparrowWandered around for a while and came across one of the volunteers working on the Avro CF105 Arrow display.  Here he’s working on the weapons package and you can see one of the replica Sparrow missiles in the early days of construction.  Just a cardboard forming tube and some aluminum fins now but, when finished, I have no doubt that it will be an incredible copy of the real thing.

Lancaster Work AreaThe biggest project (by far) underway now is the restoration of the Lancaster Mark X FM104 bomber.  Usually, this whole area is filled with volunteers hard at work but I managed to catch it during a quiet period.  The fuselage is visible on the right with numerous parts in various stages of cleaning or fabrication.