Baby It’s Cold Outside


The body clock alarm went off about 15 minutes before the electronic one.  Wearily, I opened one eye to fumble with the radio.  A weather forecaster who was far too cheery for my liking announced that it was -15 outside with a windchill factor approaching absolute zero.  That’s a lie – it was actually -25.

I was sorely tempted to turn over and burrow under the blankets instead of submitting myself to the horror that marks the coldest day of the year. That’s right, January 25th is traditionally the coldest day and Mother Nature is determined to live up to the tradition.

Even now, over 3 hours later, the temperature has only risen by 1 degree and any sane animal would be hunkered down and hibernating.  Man, unfortunately, has evolved to a worker bee state and we shuffle out of the hive in search of the nectar we call money. 

Our cats showing that they are indeed smarter than people, looked at us like we were out of our minds.  The blast of cold air as I went out to start the cars sent them scurrying back to their sleeping spots and you could almost here them laughing.  Jan says she’s coming back as a cat in the next life and, on days like this, I think she’s got the right idea.