Not A Good Start


Air France 353 was “supposed” to leave at 4:40pm.  Would you believe 5:30?  How about 5:45?

After waiting in line for de-icing, the flight crew noticed something wrong with a circuit breaker so it was back to the gate.  Much confering and scratching of heads until it was finally decided that we could take off with only 3 engines providing warmed air to the cabin.

The Captain said he would try to make up the time coming across the Atlantic but he fell just a little short.  Sailed into Charles De Gaulle airport and made the slow taxi in.  I missed my connection to Zurich by 10 minutes.  No problem, they booked me on the next flight – hopefully my bag will join me.

Sitting in the Air France lounge having an espresso.  Can’t afford the internet connection so these will be loaded in a group.

Just my luck, France banned smoking in public places starting last week.