Passengers on a Cancun-bound JetBlue flight from JFK yesterday were forced to sit on the tarmac for 8 hours because of bad weather.

In what amounts to kidnapping (held against your will?), the cattle sat so long in the full aircraft that the wheels actually froze to the ground.  JetBlue officials apologized for the “unacceptable delays” and promised everyone full refunds plus a voucher for another trip.

Someone needs to kick some ass here.  The excuse that there were no available gates to unload the passengers is so lame as to be laughable.  Ever heard of buses?  Somehow they managed to get me from the departure lounge in Paris to the plane that sat about 3 kilometers away on Tuesday.  I know the weather conditions were bad but airports do a remarkable job of clearing runways and taxiways.

Time for the FAA to lay a pretty hefty fine against JetBlue and any other airline that treats the paying customer to such criminal treatment.