A Sick Friend


I haven’t posted anything in a few days.  A close friend is very sick and I’ve spent a lot of time looking after him.  Don’t worry however, he isn’t human.

My business laptop is not feeling well and it’s almost impossible for me to think of much else.  It started with a bum LED screen but has now progressed to power problems.

Why such a big deal about a computer?  This is what I work with every day and most evenings.  I fire it up first thing in the morning and shut it down when I can’t keep my eyes open any longer at night.  Everything I do at work revolves around this poor overworked machine.  After 20+ years relying on a one computer or another, I’ve really lost the ability to work without one.  Sad commentary perhaps, but there it is.

Right now, it sits with no screen, no cover, both batteries pulled – on life support.  I still manage to coax it to life by connecting it to a docking station at work and a KVM switch at home.  Sometimes he starts first time, sometimes it takes a few tries.

The technician from CareTek is slowly replacing and testing almost every part in an effort to pull him back from this near-death experience.  Today, a new screen was supposed to be installed along with power cables but we got hit by one hellish snowstorm.  Everything has been postponed until tomorrow.

Fingers, toes and eyes are crossed.  I’ve sacrificed small animals to the gods of the silicone.  With luck, things will be back to normal.

“Why don’t you get a new one?”, you ask.  A good question that you’d have to take up with the IT group.  They’ll probably end up spending more to get this one fixed than a new one would cost.  That’s OK with me – this trusty ThinkPad and I have been through a lot together.  We’ve logged thousands of hours online and more than 40,000 miles in the air.  We’re a pair of old pros.  He deserves a little respect.