Firefighters Protest The "9/12" Giuliani


As the 2008 US Presidential campaign continues to roll along, the IAFF Firefighter’s Union comes out with an open letter to the membership urging them not to vote for candidate, and former New York mayor, Rudy Giuliani.

Giuliani is certainly best remembered for his public image following the World Trade Center bombings on August 11, 2001 and is seen as a strong contender for the Republican Party but the firefighters of NYC are asking that he be remembered for his actions after that terrible day.

As they tell it, Giuliani showed tremendous disrespect by first limiting the number of the members who could be at ground zero at one time to 25.  He also, or so they say, “made a conscious decision to institute a “scoop-and-dump” operation to expedite the clean-up of Ground Zero in lieu of the more time-consuming, but respectful, process of removing debris piece by piece in hope of uncovering more remains”.

That the US campaign now runs for nearly 2 years is bad enough but the rancor developing this time around is ugly and doesn’t bode well for the 18 months.