This Has To Stop!


Once again, hundreds of passengers were held hostage as planes sat through a snow storm in New York City.  One Cathay Pacific Airways flight sat for 9 1/2 hours while the pilot updated the passengers with tales of de-icing delays caused by lack of chemicals.

I posted about this before.  At that time, it was Jet Blue who became the whipping boy but now we have horror stories involving a number of carriers. Jet Blue canceled most of their flights to and from NYC as soon as the weather forecasters mentioned the possibility of a storm – better to be safe then sorry when your public profile is already in the toilet, I guess.

The airlines, the airport authorities and the FAA have to get their act together and devise WORKABLE plans to avoid situations like this.  It’s not like snow is a new phenomena, why is it suddenly causing these incredible delays? 

Story from CBC

 Update: Airlines now say they are getting better and quicker at apolgizing for delays.  Southwest Airlines actually has an executive who’s business card reads “senior manager of proactive customer communications”.  His job is to explain the problem, offer compensation and, basically, fall on his sword.  Much better to say “It won’t happen again” than “I’m sorry”.