Well At Least She Was Quiet


Paul Trinder, is upset that British Airways is failing to compensate him for having to sit beside a very quiet passenger on a trip from Delhi to the UK.  Why?  The female passenger was dead.

Seems she passed away in economy during the flight and the cabin crew decided she would travel better in first class so they propped her up beside Mr. Trinder for the balance of the flight.

When he complained to the airline, he was told to “get over it” and was denied any refund for his experience.

British Airways says the dead woman was taken to first class because the rest of the plane was full.  A BA spokesperson stated “When a customer passes away on board it is always difficult and we apologise for any distress caused”.

How about giving back at least a little of the 3,000 pounds Trinder paid for his seat?

2 thoughts on “Well At Least She Was Quiet

  1. I guess they figure they have a few hours before the body starts to ….. “ripen”.

    One would think they’d be better off using one of the lavatories as a holding area.

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