New Acquisitions


I was working at the Toronto Aerospace Museum in the Lancaster restoration area when a couple of new acquisitions came in.


A transmitter of the type used on the Lancaster bomber that is currently undergoing restoration.  It was used to send bomb damage assessments and aircraft status via Morse code.  One of the volunteers on hand mentioned that his mother used to be a listener during WWII and transcribed messages sent by devices like this.


An orignal [[Planisphere]] or star chart used by Allied navigators during WWII.  The arrival of this item caused a crush of onlookers so I was unable to actually get any shots of the contents.

Remarkably, The London Name Plate Mfg. Co. Ltd still exists.

What was I doing in the Lancaster restoration area?  Still working on those damm brackets for the display boards.  Now I’m bead blasting the primer coating off the aluminum which involves this nasty bugger.


Turn the compressor on, pump up the air pressure, start the vibrator (for recovering the glass beads that do the blasting), safety goggles on, respirator on, pop the bracket into the chamber and blast away.  Repeat 150 times.