What Goes Up, Must Come Down


 You’re flying along and all of a sudden a flaming piece of space junk almost hits you.  Welcome to the impercise science of deorbiting satellite re-entry calculation.

A Lan Chile Airbus A340 on its way from Santiago to Auckland New Zealand yesterday came very close to being destroyed by a piece of a Russian satellite that came back to Earth a day early.

How close did it come?  The pilot reported that the “rumbling” noise from the flaming junk could be heard in the cockpit.

From the article, a spokesman for Airways New Zealand which handles air navigation services said, “clearly there has been a timing issue” when asked to explain why the satellite decided to come back ahead of schedule.

It’s not like the timing was predicted by rocket scientists….hmmm.

(image above shows some of the junk in orbit currently being mapped)

Link to thewest.com.au : Flaming space junk narrowly misses jet