An interesting day at the Museum



I went off to the Toronto Aerospace Museum today expecting to spend more hours blasting the primer off the brackets for the display stands.  Well, I did plenty of that but also saw some interesting things.  A new business has opened up across the road and I walked over to see 6 helicopters!  Here is an Aerospatiale AS35551 lifting off.  A lot quieter than I thought it would be.

Catching the news from above

Sitting out in the sun was the Global News chopper.  Another Aerospatiale, I’ve seen this one flying over the city but didn’t think I would get this close.  I guess I’ll have to make nice with our new neighbours and, perhaps, I can hitch a ride.

I bet it still has that new plane smell

Just as I was leaving for the day, this brand new Bombardier CRJ spooled up on the runway by the museum.  First time I’ve seen one at Downsview.  I imagine it was off to Montreal for the final paint job.

Another reason I didn’t get much done today was that it was time to move a few of the aircraft around.  They needed to reposition the little Ultimate stuntplane so the front section of the Lancaster had to be swung out of the way.  While not pushing a broom (you’re a volunteer, you do everything and the area under the Lanc needed sweeping) I managed to get this shot of the interior.

Where brave men worked

It’s a little hard to make things out because it was actually above me.  The mustard colored metal at the top of the shot is the windshield area and the clear area straight ahead is where the bombardier sat (or layed) as he guided the bomber over the target.  It doesn’t look like much now but in a few years it will be immaculate.  The work the skilled volunteers do is amazing.

More shots are available over at my Flickr page (see link on the right) or you can click on any of these to see a larger version.