Please make it stop


FINAL FINAL UPDATE:  Mats can go golfing.  The New York Islanders won their game in a shootout and the Leafs are out of the playoffs.

UPDATE:  Ok, so they beat Montreal in what was a very entertaining game (desperation brings out the best) but they now have to hope that the New York Islanders lose on Sunday.

Those lovable losers the Toronto Maple Leafs have a mathematical chance of making it to the Stanley Cup playoffs.  They have to win…someone has to lose….blah, blah, blah.  At the sake of being run out of town, I hope the Leafs lose to Montreal tomorrow night and this whole mess is over with.

 The Leafs, who haven’t won the top prize since 1967, are one of a number of mediocre teams that have a chance because only the truly dreadful teams fail to make the 2 month playoff series.

Maple Leaf Sports and Entertainment owns the team and they have more money than sports knowledge.  The Air Canada Centre is filled every night so there’s really no reason to spend money or time worrying about how good the product is that they put on the ice.  John Ferguson Jr. is General Manager and the only virtue he brings to the job, as I see it, is to do exactly what the suits in the boardroom tell him.

Fine players like Mats Sundin (shown in the picture – sorry Mats) are wasted when teamed with rejects and has-beens.  No player development, no young prospects, no chances.  The only hope of making anything better is to miss the playoffs and deny MLSE the additional revenue that those games bring.  Hit ’em where it hurts.  The bottom line is the only line they understand and something has to be done to give the long suffering fans at least a chance to relive the glory of the past.

‘Nuff said.