When work gets in the way of life


Again, a couple of weeks of hell at the office.  Projects going badly, deadlines whooshing by and snipers in the weeds.  I usually love my job but there’s been too many periods like this in the last year.  Up at 5am and right on the laptop to check mail from Europe and run time sensitive reports and then off to the office to put out fires and wait for the next disaster.  Finish a long day and meet the wife and friends for a quick pint followed by a hurried dinner at home (some nights I eat) and then into bed for a fitful night of tossing and turning.

My responsibilities are such now that I’m stuck right in between the proverbial rock and hard place.  Too many things are out of my control but I still have the responsibility to make it work.  I hate this position and it doesn’t seem to be getting any better.

Anyway, another weekend is upon us and – wonder of wonders! – I don’t have anything on the critical path that needs to be done by Monday.  Of course, the taxes are due on Monday so I’ll have to do some creative bookkeeping tomorrow and file online but it’s almost a relief as it has nothing to do with the job.

Played nine holes of golf early this morning in the rain.  Not a bad round if I say so myself.  Here it is nearly 11am and I’ve already played golf, bottled Jan’s wine and installed a couple of new smoke detectors. 

And written this, the first posting in a week.