More eBay arrivals


Another day, another batch of treasures in the mail.  Three more aviation ashtrays for the collection.


The second TWA item.  Well used but still a great little piece.  Probably sat on a travel agent’s desk where it “subtly” reminded him or her to “SELL TWA CONECTIONS”.


Can’t get a picture that shows the delicate etching that announces that this advertises Scandinavian Airlines Systems (SAS).  Quite scratched on the base, it’s still a beauty.

NASA 5th Anniversary

This one fell into my hands.  I didn’t win the original auction because the reserve price hadn’t been met.  The seller contacted me and let me have it for my bid price.  A true historical treasure celebrating 5 years of NASA.  He also sent 2 old pens reading “NASA MANNED SPACEFLIGHT CENTER”.  From the golden days of space exploration.  1963 marked the last flight of the Mercury program and preparations for the first Gemini mission.  I was 11 years old.

Still more to come.