Was I wrong


Last night, Jan and I went down to Mississauga for a nice dinner.  On the way home we headed up highway 410 towards Brampton.

Two cars in front of us started leapfrogging each other in the fast lane, one would pull out and pass the other who would then return the favor.  The moves got more and more agressive until one got in front of the other and put on the brakes.  The following car swerved into the centre lane and accelerated looking to continue the game.  Instead, the car in the fast lane turned right into the other causing both to swerve with one ending up in the left ditch and the other, now turned backwards, slid across the median and ended up on the edge of an on-ramp.

Thinking that someone might be hurt, I stopped and went to assist the couple in the car now sitting in a dangerous position due to ongoing traffic.  The driver and his female passenger were shaken up but apparently not injured.  He had already phoned 911.  The other driver, was making overtures to cross 3 lanes of high-speed traffic to have a “discussion” with his “bumper car” playmate.  I suggested that staying where he was until the police arrived was a much better alternative than being splattered.

Finally, the procession of response vehicles arrived.  First the towtruck – vultures to the feast.  Then firetrucks and an ambulance (both not needed thankfully) and finally a couple of OPP cars.

Ok, here’s where the story gets personal.  I could have left right then and there but I thought it was my duty as a witness to stay and provide my information.  I did, but everyone thinks I should have just driven off.  I’d looked into the condition of the participants, I’d gotten the one driver to turn on his 4-way flashers to avoid being hit again.  I’d done my good deed.

Instead, I ended up sitting in the back of a cruiser going through the whole thing in minute detail.  Nearly an hour of questions, answers, more questions, more answers……  By the time I was finished the officer, my wife and I were the only ones left at the scene.  Both cars had been towed, the emergency response vehicles gone.  Just us on a busy freeway late at night.  Hundreds of cars whizzing by wondering what *I* had done wrong.

Pehaps it’s because my mother once worked for the OPP or maybe it’s because I’m from an age when we were taught to do the right thing.  The questions are – why does everyone think I did the wrong thing and will I do it again if faced with a similar situation?

I really don’t know.