Forecast – sunny with slight possibility of flaming debris



Good news I guess Space station computers partially restored .  Problems aboard the ISS appear to be on the way to resolution.  Failure of all 3 Russian built computers that handle oxygen generating and station-keeping chores caused quite the stir yesterday.  In the worst case scenario, the three semi-permanent residents would have had to return to Earth when Atlantis leaves next week.

Atlantis, of course, has its own problem with a torn protective heat shielding blanket that is going to be sewn back together during an added EVA. 

So here’s where we stand.  An aging reusable launch vehicle which should have been retired years ago is propping up a space station, that is far from perfect and light years away from what it was supposed to be, which was in danger of becoming uninhabitable while its orbit decayed because the computers do not provide the necessary reliable redundancy. It may indeed be rocket science, but c’mon boys and girls, is the best we can do? tags: , ,