An open letter to my neighbors


My neighbors' yard

Hi there!  Its your neighbor down the street.  Hope you’re enjoying the nice weather.  I’m pretty sure that you are based on the amount of time you and your friends spend sitting around in the front yard.  Too bad that its so hot that you have no energy to pick up the garbage that is quickly accumulating.

The heat must also be the reason you don’t appear until noon hour and really get up to speed around 11 at night.  You sure seem to be having a great time if the noise around midnight is any indication. It’s OK, we’ve learned to close all the windows and crank up the air conditioning.

I’m really sorry that I’ve had a little trouble avoiding your kids as they run wild in traffic.  Having no children of my own, I guess I don’t understand that today’s kids are being taught that the road belongs to them and that jumping out from between parked cars is the “in” thing to do.  It’s totally selfish of me to think that you would scold or warn them instead of glaring at me like I did it on purpose.  10km per hour is now my normal speed on the street – I promise.

Well, it’s been nice talking with you.  Go ahead and let the kids walk through our front garden whenever they want.  We really don’t mind.  The same goes for the kids toys and windblown trash we find in the driveway almost everyday.  We’re really getting used to your decorating style.