Happy Moon Landing Day


image 38 years ago today, man set foot on the moon.  For the first time, this tribe of hairless apes  got its act together enough to accomplish something that brought them all together for a brief shining moment.  We all took a minute to stand in aw of the sheer magnitude of the event before we returned to killing each other, raping the Earth and chasing the almighty dollar.

“That’s one small step for a man, one giant leap for mankind” said Neil Armstrong as he floated off the last step of the lunar lander.  Never have a few words said so much.

I watched Walter Cronkite introduce the grainy black and white image.  I saw him wipe away a tear.  The universe got just a little smaller.  We had taken a small step towards a bright future.  And then we stopped.

The shuttle is getting old.  The International Space Station is a fraction of what it was supposed to be.  We have a couple of tinker toy rovers still trundling on Mars long after they should have died.  What’s the future?  Bush wants to send a manned mission to Mars but NASA doesn’t even have a concrete idea of what will replace the shuttle.

So, Happy Moon Landing Day!  A good day to reflect on what might have been.