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DSC_2781If you go to page 2 of the sports section of the Toronto Star today, you’ll see an article about 2 of my co-workers who are going to get married during a Toronto Maple Leafs hockey game this fall.  There’s a picture accompanying the story.  It’s MY picture!  The Star couldn’t get a photographer up to get a shot in time for the deadline so Lisa asked me to grab a few for her to send.

That’s the good news.  The bad news is that the bastards didn’t give me creditHow am I supposed to start a new career if I don’t get at least a nod for my efforts. (just kidding boss)  They also spelled Lisa’s last name wrong but have corrected that in the online version which you can read here.  Unfortunately, they didn’t post my picture on the website. Hats off to The Star, they corrected their spelling error, posted my picture and gave me credit.  See the entire article here.

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  1. Hey Ken

    Thank again for takeing the shot…and if you don’t mind we are going to use on of the shot for the card we are doing up for the wedding.

    Lisa Van Heininger….lol

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