Back from Connecticut


Arrived back late last night after our short trip to Naugatuck Connecticut.  Not a bad trip at all.

Yesterday, the meetings broke up early and we still had about 6 hours to kill before the flight.  Took a ride down to Mystic to visit the seaport museum.  I’d heard of the place before and saw this as a perfect opportunity.  The weather was fine and the car’s GPS unit got us there and back without incident.  Took a few pictures with the small camera that I still need to download and clean up before I post them over at Flickr but here’s a teaser. I’ve now uploaded to Flickr, just click the picture to see the rest.

Mystic Seaport Connecticut 2007

Pictured here is the Charles W. Morgan berthed on the Mystic river.  It’s the last surviving wooden whaler.  More to come.