My life story hasn’t been written yet – but the appendix is out!


At this moment, we should be whale watching on a boat off the shore of Cape Breton Island.  Instead, I’m sitting in the basement grimacing in pain and writing this post.  What went wrong?

Friday night, we went out to meet friends and have a few drinks to celebrate the start of our vacation.  Picked up some take out food and went back home so we could be ready to do all the packing on Saturday in preparation for the flight to Halifax on Sunday.  Instead, I came down feeling all upset tummy and pain in my lower abdomen.  Set off for the emergency ward at 5:30am Saturday.  Spent all day being shunted around for test after test while I started to feel worse and worse.  Around 11pm the diagnosis came out – acute appendicitis.   The little bugger was about to pop so it was straight off to surgery.

Woke up in recovery a few hours later with two nurses yelling at me to breathe.  Breathe, I didn’t even know what planet I was on.  They tortured me for an hour more before I was trundled off to the post-recovery ward.  I was there until this morning when they finally sprung me free.

The surgeon told me that the entire wasted piece of flesh was filled with gangrene and could have popped at any time so I guess it’s a good thing that I went in when I did.  I still have a bad infection and they’ve loaded me up with antibiotics that follow the IV they were pumping into me.  The only thing I don’t get to bring home (besides the scummy appendix) is the morphine I got on demand.  That’s one hell of a drug boys and girls and I don’t think the Tylenol is going to get me through the next few days quite as well.

But, what the hell.  I’m walking (sort of).  I’m eating (like a bird).  Hats off to the surgeons, staff and especially the nurses at the William Osler Health Center in Brampton.  It may sound a little melodramatic but, based on how badly I was infected, you saved my life.

4 thoughts on “My life story hasn’t been written yet – but the appendix is out!

  1. Ken
    Glad to know you are home safe and Sound (sortof) Hang in there and you should be back swinging a club before the snow flies. Good thing it happened at home , given all your travel. Hope “they”convert your vacation time to sick days. I’ll put in a good word.

  2. Hi ken sorry to hear about your surgery, hope you are feeling better. Sandi had the same surgery many many years ago in England you will have to compare scars one day, I’m sure yours is a lot smaller when Sandi had the surgery “keyhole surgery” was unheard of and the recovery time was about six weeks which included one weeks stay in hospital technolegy has come a long way.

  3. Pressed the submit button by mistake,
    “spelt technology wrong” sent before I could correct it.

    Get well soon Bob and Sandi

  4. Hi Bob. Unfortunately, the appendix was in really bad shape so they made the jumbo cut so they could get it out before it burst.
    When you coming down to see us again?

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