The tree gets a haircut


One of the last things on our to-do list was to arrange for the large green ash in our front yard to get a trim.

The tree gets a haircut - beforeThe before shot shows the guys from Diamond Tree Care getting ready to climb up into the tree.  20 years of neglect left us with a monster that was spreading off in all directions, lots of dead branches and some dangerous limbs just waiting to fall on the cars if a big wind or snow load came along.

Diamond spent about 3 hours up in the tree cutting here, shaping there and created an incredible amount of work for their shredder.

The tree gets a haircut

The shredder sounds like a WW1 airplane when it spools up to full speed and you certainly wouldn’t want any body part that you’re fond of to get anywhere near the intake.  Some branches must have been 6 inches around and this monster ate them like they were toothpicks.

The guys worked like dogs without a break and it was fun watching them sway in the branches as a heavy wind came up.  Didn’t seem to faze them in the least.

The tree gets a haircut - afterAt the end of the process, the tree looks a little naked but so much cleaner.  The fall leaf pickup should be half of last year’s and I expect that the canopy will fill in next spring now that nutrients won’t be wasted on the lower garbage that has now been taken away.

While they were working on the ash, I was doing some work on the computer so I couldn’t devote much time to making sure they were doing things right.  No fear, our fearless forecat Sarah kept her eyes on things.

A busy day

Thanks Sarah, and thanks Diamond Tree Care. A job well done!