The end of summer


Today is the last Saturday of summer and, with Jan away in Edmonton, I decided to grab her convertible for a trip up to see Maxine in Wasaga Beach.  Unfortunately, the temperature plummeted overnight and showers came and went all day.

FancyOne of my tasks (there’s always work when I get to Maxine’s) was to try and get a couple of pictures of the latest addition to the zoo – Fancy.  She’s a lovely cat, very big and soft, and has an ingenious little bed that hangs from a window sill.  This is the best I could come with because all the light streaming into the dark room played havoc with the exposure values. She joins Alex, Nikki and Patrick.

Maxine and Alex

Speaking of Alex, caught this shot of him and Max out for a little walk.  I’ve written about Alex before but he is still the only small dog I’ve ever met with so much personality.  The rest of the menagerie is bigger than him but you always know who is the king of the castle.

The recent rains have done wonders for all the greenery in the subdivision and it was a beautiful day for a stroll.

David at workI’m not the only one that Max puts to work.  David was hard at cleaning up the little pathway beside the garage and stopped just long enough for this portrait.

We had a wonderful lunch of meat pies, quiche and Caesar salad and, yes, I had to make the salad.  You get pretty good at one thing and you have to do it over and over and over again.

Walked around the property and came across this shot.


I love the play of the light through the trees.  It was a great visit but I had to head back.  On the way, I stopped at nearby Allenwood beach to see what Georgian Bay was up to.  Windsurfers and Parasailers were taking advantage of the stiff wind and high waves to have some cold fun.  This was the best of the shots I managed to get before the cold drove me back into the car.

Catching the wind 

I guess it’s fun but you can have it.