Where the hell am I and what time is it?



This picture was taken at about 6AM sitting in the lounge at London’s Heathrow airport as they get ready to push a British Airways 767 back from the gate (or stand as they call it in England).

It’s coming up to 3pm here in Winterthur Switzerland. My Blackberry tells me that – it’s been changed to Central European Time. My watch and my body tell me that it’s 9am and I’ve now been up for 28 hours. I got a bit of sleep on the plane coming over the Atlantic but certainly not nearly enough to reset the body clock.

I arrived here at the Hotel Wartmann across from the train station (Banhoff) only to be told that my room wasn’t ready. Finally got into it a half hour ago.

Now comes the decision time. I’m scheduled to have dinner with a few of my colleagues in about 4 hours – do I stay up and tough it through or do I try and catch a few hours nap? My body says SLEEP but my brain says staying awake is the best way to make the time change. Guess I’ll let the brain make the call and hope I don’t pass out at dinner.