I thought the "Ugly American" was just a memory


Check-in at Zurich airport.  Early morning, very crowded, very chaotic.  Standing in line with the rest of the sheeple, we were treated to the antics of a, clearly, American tourist on his way home.

Not content to stand patiently in line, he proceeded to bull his way to the front.  Old ladies with their massive luggage were no match for this protector of the free world. “Back of the line!”, a brave soul suggested as he stormed through.  “I’m in business class.”, was his snarky retort.

Guess what?  So am I and most of the other people.  Not his problem.  All bullshit and bluster he got to the desk and proceeded to make a big show for the captive audience.  The rest of us just shook are heads and shuffled forward.  It took me another 20 minutes to get through, 5 minutes for passport control and then a 2 minute train ride to the security line.

Guess who I met up with?  Yep, his highness had to stand in another line and he was none to happy.  Unfortunately for him, you can’t bully security so he had to meekly submit to the indignities of low level functionaries and their procedures.

Why do people feel the need to act like assholes?  What does it get them?  Air travel is a slow, frustrating business these days.  You might as well make the best of it.

I’m now sitting in the same lounge as he is waiting for my flight.  With my luck, he’ll be my seatmate on the trip to Heathrow.  Perhaps I’ll be able to bask in his glory close up.  Be still my heart.