Scary coincidence(s)


imageYesterday morning, I checked out of the hotel in Edmonton in preparation for the drive to the airport and my flight back home.

Made my way out to the parking lot and located the crappy little Pontiac G5 that Avis had so kindly provided me.  (Word to the wise – if you’re considering one of these little crapboxes – DONT!).  Anyway, I opened up the trunk and found someone else’s luggage already there!

“Hmmm”, says I, “this can’t be right”.  I checked the key fob to make sure I had the right car.  Then I looked at the luggage.  Small bag contained a laptop and lots of paperwork but no identification.  Bigger bag had a luggage tag that showed the owner as working for one our clients (Coincidence Number 1).  There was a cellphone number but when I tried it I got voicemail for a woman with a different name.

I was deciding what to do; leave the luggage at the front desk or try calling the chap’s work number.  All of a sudden, 2 stalls down I spot a little Pontiac G5 pulling out.  Same car, same color (Coincidence Number 2).  I hurried over, rapped on the driver’s window and asked, “Are you so and so?”.  “Yes”, he replied.  “Well, I’ve got your luggage”.

Turns out the guy who works for our client (Coincidence Number 1) rented a blue Pontiac G5 (Coincidence Number 2) from Avis (Coincidence Number 3) and was staying at the same hotel (Coincidence Number 4) and was leaving at the same time (Coincidence Number 5). To top it off, the cars had identical keying (Coincidence Number 6).

In the end, everything worked out.  The chances of this happening again are probably 1 in a million and the working out successfully are higher than that.

What a weird way to start the day.

Update:  I sent a note to Avis laying out the details of this little problem.  They sent me back as response that said, in part This is an issue that would need to be addressed to the auto maker. Avis has no control over the ignition stitches and keys that are installed by Pontiac. We simply buy our vehicles from them to provide to our customers.”

Thanks Avis.  Pass the buck.