Crappy Christmas Carols Continue



Today’s entry comes from that famous group “Average White Broads“.  Bonnie, Patti and Robyn get you into the holiday spirit as only 3 middle-aged Ohio housewives can.  Seems the Broads – hey! they started it – haven’t done much since this came out in 2005 but the website is still intact.  I guess they reached their peak with this one and are having trouble coming up with something to top it.

How about learning a little more about them?  From their site, here’s their answers to the question, “One thing you should know about me”.


I was accepted into stewardess school the same day my boyfriend proposed to me. I chose marriage. That was 33 years ago and I’ve just about almost never regretted the decision. I am an orange belt in karate, but please don’t attack me because I probably don’t remember any of it.



I absolutely adore handbags. I have a closet full of them. Be forewarned – if you carry an adorable handbag to one of our gigs, I may jump off the stage and try to buy it from you – or if you look like I could run faster than you, well, let’s just leave it at that.



I think life in general is very amusing and I’m much smarter than I let on. I speak fluent English. Smart people frighten others so I pretend I’m not intelligent. I’ve fooled many people. No, really, my favorite class in college was Transformational Generative Syntax.

I don’t know what they’re smoking in Ohio but Robyn should take a step back from the bong.