Have yourself a Hoffy little Christmas


xmas_music_hasselhoffGerman visitors will proably have my head if I’m not careful what I say about this selection.  David Hasselhoff, inexplicably, is a huge hit in Europe.  I love Germany and find the people very nice but they sure have some strange musical tastes.

Speaking of taste, I’m sure everyone’s seen the video on YouTube of him lying in a drunken stupor on a bathroom floor trying to eat a greasy hamburger.  I won’t repost it here because I just got back from our company Christmas dinner and the tummy is feeling a little rocky.  Go watch it for yourself.

Anyway, back to this holiday horror.  Hurry quick and you can buy a used copy on Amazon. It was a top 10 hit in Germany!!! Meh.


Frankly, his former partner probably has a better voice. Always was a much better actor.