Trip to the woods


With the weather good and presents to deliver, Jan and I drove up to Wasaga Beach today to see Maxine and David.  Had a very nice lunch and some time to take photos.


We weren’t the only ones looking for something to eat.  One of Max’s deer decided to drop by.  A group of about 8 frequent the backyard in search of corn but this is the first I’ve been able to capture on camera.  Incredibly skittish, they never relax.  This one stayed for about five minutes and then bounded away through the snow with white tail flashing.


Max always does a beautiful job on her Christmas trees (there’s always at least two).  Found this wise little guy hiding near the back.

It takes a village

Another yearly event is the construction of the village which usually takes place during the pre-Christmas party that we could not attend because of last weekend’s snowstorm.  Everything seems to be in place.

Jan and Fancy

While I was working on the village, Jan got a chance to get to know Fancy, the latest addition to the Wasaga crew.   It didn’t take the cat long to realize that she was laying near a cat lover.

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