Them’s the breaks


OUCH!! Hard times around the EyeNo household.  Jan’s in the hospital awaiting surgery on a broken arm.  She slipped on the ice Wednesday evening and did some serious damage to her elbow.  I took her to [[Brampton Civic Hospital]] at about 5pm and she finally got looked at about 3 hours later.

She spent the rest of that night lying on a bed in Emergency with all the bright lights and loud noises.  Luckily, they gave her something to combat the pain and help her sleep.  Yesterday, she finally got a room but had the spend the rest of the day waiting for the surgeon to show up.  They finally decided that they wouldn’t be able to operate until at least today (Friday) so they gave her something to eat for the first time in 24 hours.  I’m still waiting to hear from her when they’re actually going to do the work.

Jan’s being a real trooper.  She’s in pain and she’s scared.  Anyone would be.

While I’m here, just a word about our new hospital.  Brampton Civic has been in the news a lot lately and, sadly, none of the news has been good.  Words like chaotic, demoralized and incompetent are most commonly used.  It’s a huge, functional looking building that is only about half-staffed.  The staff that is there has been bombarded with complaints as they’ve struggled with finding their way around and get used to new facilities and equipment.  Good people have left and replacements willing to work in a battle zone are hard to find.  As Brampton approaches a 1/2 million people, it’s clear to everyone that one partially staffed hospital is not nearly enough. 

Hopefully Jan will be out of there soon.  Breaking her right arm (and, yes, she is right-handed) is going to mean at least 6 weeks in a cast.  She’ll go nuts sitting around the house and I’m going to be very busy.  She really looked after me well when I had my appendix out so I guess it’s my turn.

Stay tuned for more “breaking” news.