Cue the happy dance


Happy DanceEveryone in the household is doing the happy dance today.  Jan came home from the hospital this morning.

She has a heavy cast on her right arm and is still in some pain but at least we were able to spring her from the clutches of Brampton Civic hospital.  She got the word yesterday afternoon that she was going down for surgery and she phoned me around 9pm saying everything was finished.  Actually, she could have left last night but we were in the midst of the worst snowstorm that I can remember in years so we decided she should spend the night and let it blow over.

Sunday dawned clear and cold but at least the snow was finished.  Lots of shovelling and a liberal application of salt rendered the driveway safe for walking so I made the 10 minute trip to the hospital.  Was she ready to go?  Duh!!  You couldn’t have stopped her without heavy weapons.

Got her home without incident and we figured out how to get her dressed while trying to manhandle what feels like 20 pounds of plaster.  Set her up on the couch with cushions to support the weight, a drink and the remote control.  A prescription of happy pills will help dull the pain.

I’ve told her that I’m her slave for the next 2 days.  Her wish is my command.  After that, I have to get back to work and she has to learn new ways of doing basic actions.  It certainly won’t be easy but it’s essential that she keeps trying.  We don’t know how long she’s going to be on the mend but she won’t be playing the piano in the next few weeks. (and no, she couldn’t play the piano before the accident)

Excuse me, the cats and I have some dancing to do.