3 days (almost) away from work


bad taste So Easter arrives earlier than it has in 100 years.  Great – early holiday!!

I’m so freaking tired I can really use the break.  Too bad I have to work on a system upgrade tomorrow night but at least I can do that from home.  Wish the weather was a little warmer but you can’t have everything you want in life.

Here’s the Jan update.  The weight of the cast is driving her nuts but the pain isn’t too severe (thankfully).  I get her out of the house every day or two to see friends and we went into the office yesterday so she could see all her co-workers.  Still a week to go until she gets this cast off and new x-rays taken.  Hopefully, they’ll be able to put a smaller one on and give her an idea of how long she’ll have to wear it.

Oh, if the image offends you – sorry but you’ll get over it. just wait until Sunday and everything will be good again.