Busy? You betcha!


The last few weeks have certainly been busy ones.  What with helping Jan out with things she can’t do while her arm heals and a really complicated implementation at work, I’ve hardly had time to breathe.  The day starts at 5am and I send my final email at 9pm.  Jan has physiotherapy 3 mornings a week which means I don’t get into the office until around 9:30 by which time the problems are mounting.  Working from home in the morning and evening helps but I certainly do need a little rest.

So after all this, I finally get a weekend that doesn’t have too many deadlines.  Off to the museum to take a part in a meeting for the Mosquito project.  Still not decided whether we’ll try to acquire an actual airframe or build a replica.  Of course I’m an idiot and end up volunteering to

  1. Create and manage the formal project plan and provide updates to the team members
  2. Write a blurb for the museum website describing the feasibility study we’re undertaking
  3. Help with the creation of a PowerPoint presentation on the history of the Mosquito as it relates to the Greater Toronto Area.

All 3 things really interest me.  But where do I find the time????