This is more like it!


Light at the end of the tunnel

After what seemed like the longest winter ever, Mother Nature threw the switch this week.  Right now it reads 24C outside, all the windows are open and the yard work has commenced.  It’s glorious!

I took advantage of a beautiful sunrise to go for a walk around the park before I got down to my shopping and chores. Heading to Chingacousy, I go through an underpass and I was quite taken by the look of the grass that is just starting to grow.  The darkness of the tunnel contrasted so beautifully with the glimpse of nature that I took about 12 shots to get this one.

Ready for service

The dome has been taken off the tennis courts which really do need some work.  Liked the play of light and shadows on this one.

Early Morning Boarding

Not a lot of people around at 7am except for a few maintenance people and this intrepid boarder shooting the steps at the new skateboarding park.

It was so nice to get outside after months of being cooped up in my office at work or my office in the basement at home.  Lots of projects to work on but some days you just have to say “screw it!”.  I did get the lawns cleaned up so I wasn’t completely goofing off.