Scratch one off the list


I haven’t seen the movie but I like the idea of the “Bucket List”.  A list of things you want to do before you kick the bucket. Yesterday, I got a chance to cross one item off mine.

British Airways 747-400

My love for the venerable old Boeing 747 is well known.  I love looking at them and I love flying in them.  On the flights home yesterday, I got to fly one of British Airways 747-400s on the London to Toronto leg and my seat was in the upper level.  Seat 61J to be exact.  This has to go down as the quietest flight I’ve ever had.  The engines are behind and quite a ways below you and it’s incredibly peaceful up there as you hurdle through the sky on the fastest cruising commercial aircraft ever built (next to the Concorde of course).  Unfortunately, I didn’t have the window seat but I’m not complaining.