Best day ever!


Look at me, I'm flying!

2300 feet above Georgetown Ontario in control(?) of a Cessna 172R, registration C-GGTJ.

The weather cleared enough for me to get my introductory flight at the Brampton Flying Club.  My instructor, Steve Havlin, is a very brave man.  I thought I might get a chance to handle the aircraft in level flight but Steve had other ideas.  I taxied, I took off, I climbed, I turned and I cruised.  It was the best 1/2 hour of my life and the most terrifying as well!

The taxi was the hardest part of the whole experience.  Steering is accomplished by use of the rudder pedals and the brakes.  You have to forget about everything you’ve learned while driving a car.  I’m wildly turning the wheel which does nothing until you’re in the air.  Instead you have to finesse the plane by using the pedals correctly.  Of course, we looked like drunken sailors staggering back towards their ship but I finally started to get the hang of it.  Take off was fairly straight forward – line it up, give it some power, watch the speed and at 65 knots pull back smoothly on the controls.  I was flying!

There are so many things to concentrate on when flying.  Altitude, angle, speed and don’t forget to keep an eye out for other aircraft.  Turning and banking took a little work but it really wasn’t difficult.  Keeping a steady altitude and level flight was difficult because the air was filled with thermals.  I know it will come to me with practice but I felt like I was fighting the winds all the time.  When Steve took over, it was like we were flying through calm air.  Lots to learn.

I’m hooked!!  Before I left the flying club, I’d signed up for ground school and picked up my kit.


And here’s the aircraft that put up with me.