Rocky Mountain High


Mountains and Engines

Ok, so it’s a corny headline.  Heck it works.  High above the Rockies from seat 12F on a Air Canada A320.  I’d forgotten just how majestic they were.  I’ve seen the Alps and, yes, they’re beautiful too but there’s something about the Rocky Mountains that makes the Canadian heart stir.

A normal economy flight – no meal (unless you buy it) but I was in a good seat.  Watched the movie “Cloverfield” and you should save your money.  The same jerky camera style that made “The Blair Witch Project” so hard to watch.  Bargain basement CGI monster but at least it wasted and hour and a half.

I’ve made it as far as the Richmond Inn and so far all I see is construction.  It’s almost as if they were preparing for something.  Oh yeah, the Olympics.  After work tomorrow, I hope to make it over to my old stomping grounds of West Vancouver and North Vancouver.  Lots of places to see.

White Spot

Of course, no trip to Vancouver would be complete without a trip to White Spot for one of their Triple “O” hamburgers.  Those things have been clogging my arteries since 1967 when we moved out here.  They don’t taste as good as I remember but at least I made my pilgrimage.