Ground School – Session 1


imageOne session down, 14 to go.  Started ground school this evening with the topic “Theory of Flight”.  Not a whole lot that I didn’t already know and the instructor is one of those who reads PowerPoint slides to you.  Thankfully I’ve got lots of manuals so I can study at my own pace and in much more depth than he was covering.  Perhaps the instruction will get more intense as we progress through the other topics.

I thought I would be the oldest student in class but there were a few others with greying hair sprinkled in amongst the kids who all looked to young to drive, let alone fly.

Tomorrow, if the weather gods allow, I’ll try to get my second in-air instruction with another one on Saturday.  Hopefully I’ll be able to keep my head on straight this time and actually learn something.  I was so giddy (and scared) during my first flight that I don’t really remember a whole lot about what was actually happening.  No doubt the instructor is actually going to start teaching me now that they’ve got me hooked.

So I’m off.  A signature in my Pilot’s Training Record and three hours of ground school under my belt.